Slave - Hybrid- 4 Inputs (DC Volts)

Slave - Hybrid- 4 Inputs (DC Volts)
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  • Item #: 3P4-011

These Slave control units contain 4 independent SOLID STATE RELAYs (SSR) - - All INPUTS are Optically Isolated
These Model 3P4 SLAVE units are suitable for mounting inside the sign enclosure cabinet.

Options for mounting SLAVE - SOLID STATE RELAYs in WaterProof box available - add $40 optional cost.

Control INPUTs = 120 Vac – - and POWER OUTPUTS =120 Vac @ 20 Amps (max) for Each output circuit

Control INPUT current is very low ~ 10 ma.

Slave Control Units - extends chase pattern – 20A Output – 120 Vac
See UL – Sign Accessory Manual (SAM) for NEMCO control units Recognized in USA and Canada

SLAVE Control Units – Connect to  ANY  Controller Chase Light Pattern through OPTICALLY Isolated INPUT Color coded wires –

- You can add indefinite numbers of SLAVE units as needed for your application.
SLAVE units are available for 120 Vac and also 24Vac Input & Output Voltages.
Each SLAVE contains 4 independent Inputs – and 4 independent 20A Outputs.

HYBRIDE SLAVE units will allow low voltage DC (9 to 15 Vdc) to control the output of 120 V or 24Vac.                                               These HYBRIDE Slaves can be driven with logic level DC volts - - or a simple 9 volt battery..

This model will control 4 Outputs 120V …20 Amps each

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Price $96.00
21 or more $94.00 each
40 or more $92.00 each